Ready Player One

One of the best life-changing books I’ve read recently is Jane McGonigal’s excellent “Reality Is Broken”, a must-read for any gamer. There are good reasons why people give themselves over to the fantasy, action and excitement of computer games. Why they forego sleep, social engagements, in some cases work itself. The answer is something all gamers know instinctively but it’s encouraging to see a PhD put it in a book: games are more rewarding than life. Playing a good game makes you feel productive, like you’re accomplishing something, getting stuff done. Making a difference.

McGonigal isn’t just smart, she’s cool. She’s hip. Enviable. Stylish. Sharp as a tack. If she says gaming is not only worthwhile but might actually change the world for the better, if enough people play the right games, we should listen.

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Tools of the Trade

The new babyThe successful blogger needs to be ready to upload, administer and update on a moment’s notice.  Being aware of the moment is essential.  Consequently, it was obvious that I needed a netbook: lightweight, fast, go-anywhere, for photos, music, and (ahem) gaming.  I know, that last one is not about blogging, unless I decide to blog about games, but what the heck.