City Tap

20120608-214826.jpg I went to hear some free live music at a local watering hole and it was so bad that I had to leave. A drunken harmonica player in a loud hawaiian shirt, clapping his hands over his head while singing a Roger Miller song … you get the picture.

So instead, I moved on down the road a few miles to the City Tap, a pub owned by ace jewelry maker and yoga teacher Roberta Marasca and her husband Steve Cote, a sculptor.  His work is displayed all over the inside.

From the outside, this is the kind of place that I never go into, for fear of being the yuppy yankee upstart with the designer handbag and the attitude drinking San Pellegrino water, but in fact, persons such as myself mixed with the local clientele without friction. Steve’s sculptures are perfect photographic subjects, all welded faces and twisted bodies.  You can see one above in a niche over the bar.  The place has such a downtown feel, but if you close your eyes, you hear the good ol’ boys and you might as well be at the Agway Feed Store.

Oh yes, the picture, I almost forgot.  So I took lots of pictures, nobody seemed to mind, and started posting right there from my seat at the bar.  This one above, did a little saturation, minor crop, and nothing else was needed.

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