Cote du Camwow

20120611-223234.jpg I have what is pretty much an iron-clad rule: no iPhones in bed.  Beside the fact that it needs to be plugged in at night, using the iPhone is STIMULATING, and makes you WAKE UP more, instead of getting sleepy.

But last night I broke my rule and started playing with an app called “CamWow”, which is a camera app that stretches the subject into all kinds of funhouse mirror shapes.  You can point it at your face and make yourself look incredibly funny, with two noses, one eye and a pinhead.  Exactly why I thought this would make me sleepy is unknown, but one of my pictures actually had a fascinating spray of rainbow lights shining from the side, which I realized would make an excellent background.  Scrolling quickly through my phone’s camera roll, I found this detail pic of a Steve Cote sculpture (see my post “City Tap”).

Superimposing that pic on top of the CamWow radiating lines of light produced a picture that I love.  And it was only a few hours of sleep I missed because of it. Now the rule goes back in place.

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