There’s that spiral thing again

20120614-132039.jpg Sometimes I can’t stop myself.  I’ve never walked away from a spiral.  Wheels, I like too.  Round things.  Black and white round things in spirals. Why fight it?

I took a picture of the inside of a ribbed water tumbler.  Nice spiral, looks like the Time Tunnel (remember that awful show from the 70s?).  Then, superimposed the outline of a dump truck wheel.  Wheels within wheels.

This is one of the things I love most about having a blog: it’s a bully pulpit.  If it totally expressed my vision, I can post as many variations as I want.  If nobody besides me likes it or thinks it’s good, that’s ok too, because it’s not about impressing someone. And I really, really like creating pictures like the one above.  Sometimes when I’m editing, I try a setting and instantly know that it’s just right. When I saw this, I pumped my fist and said “yesssss” and immediately saved it and — here’s the key — STOPPED EDITING.  Didn’t “just try one more thing”.  If it’s right you know it.

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