All that is solid melts into the air

20120615-162432.jpg Since 9/11, I’ve wanted to do a photo of a city melting into the air and dissolving.  At the time, I lived in a city right outside Boston and there was a big hill I could climb and look out over the city.  I did this every day, because for this first time it occurred to me that the city might not always be there, that the cityscape that I loved so much might change suddenly, it wasn’t a constant in the world.

I was still working with film then and spent many hours in the darkroom trying to create an effect of the skyline dissolving into mist, but never got it even close to what I wanted.  I’ve never forgotten that vision though, and will work on it with my iPhoneography. This image here is my first attempt at a surreal skyline, based on some pictures of the Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River, looking out a window at the buildings.

This is not what I originally imagined, but it’s about an evolving vision of what cities mean to me, particularly now that I don’t live in one any more.

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