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20120618-095040.jpgAnother couple of my Friedlander-esque window self-portraits. Reflectivity in all its possible meanings is fodder for creativity.These are a window of a thrift store in Pittsboro, North Carolina.  I love these little stores with their worn-out textures, indistinct colors and the sheer randomness of the objects.

I never go inside, because the detritus of human lives seems sad to me.  Things that people once valued but are now reduced to little more than junk, desirable chiefly because they can be had for a tiny fraction of what they cost originally.  This American pastime of valuing objects BECAUSE they are inexpensive is fascinating.  I think I understand it — when someone cannot afford really high-quality things, they buy cheap things.  LOTS of cheap things, to make up for their ordinariness.

Makes me sad, but also makes for interesting photography.

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