My eye is a camera

20120626-105717.jpg I was sitting in my kitchen trying to wake up this morning, and caught sight of a spoon lying on the black granite counter, with the stainless steel refrigerator door in the background.  Sometimes I pretend that my eye is a camera and if I see something I like, I mentally say “click” to pretend I’m taking a picture. And I did that here, but then woke up enough to say “I need a REAL picture of this” and picked up the iPhone and snapped this.  Amazing as it sounds, this is not touched up or edited AT ALL, other than a crop.  No apps, no editing.  Some of my best pictures are the ones that are perfect right off the camera.

I noticed after taking the pic that the bottom of the handle of the frig door lines up almost exactly with the line of the counter, so the reflection starts exactly at that point, making a criss-cross affect that was unintentional, but makes it a stronger shot.

Pretend that your eye is a camera, but don’t forget, as I almost did, that you can also pick up your phone and take the picture.  You will do a lot of deleting if you do this, but as I’ve said over and over, that’s a good thing.  You will, at some point I guarantee, find a gem amongst the chaff.

P.S.  I showed this image to a friend, whose comment was “it’s not grungy”.  If that’s the worst that someone says about this image, I’m happy.

2 thoughts on “My eye is a camera

  1. Unfair! I love this photo- it just doesn’t convey “grunge ” to me. It’s silky and satiny and sophisticated and just super!

  2. Ha ha ha! So funny – to most people, a grungy photo would be a BAD photo. Here we are, establishing that even though the photo is NOT grungy, it is still good 🙂

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