Decimated dragon

20120618-111811.jpgI’ve wanted to do a post about Decim8 for a while now.  This is a fascinating iPhone app that is fun just to use and play with.  You start with a photograph, and apply any number of filters that scramble, enhance, and otherwise mess with the pixels of your picture.  Sometime stunning, sometimes ugly or puzzling, you can get mesmerized by trying different combinations of settings.

The image above was created with Decim8.  I started with a photo of some fancy paper, taken while wandering around a crafts store, then layered on a picture of a plastic toy dragon, from the same store.  Finally, I applied Decim8 to the superimposed image.  After about 20 iterations of Decim8, I came up with the above.

Here I show first the un-Decim8-ed image, and the two quick snapshots that I started with. The way I chose them was totally random; just flipping around through my pictures while waiting for an appointment.  I chose a background-ish picture, the paper, and for no reason at all, the dragon to go on top.  Then I just played with it until I saw this, above, and quickly saved it.  And, all together now, you faithful readers:  STOPPED EDITING.  When it’s done it’s done, so walk away.

20120618-111827.jpg Superimposed, before Decim8

20120618-111851.jpg The foreground pic

20120618-111919.jpg the background pic

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