Sci fi corkscrew

20120709-094011.jpg This looks like the cover of a science fiction paperback, I love it.  I suppose some cropping could make it more abstract, but I like the full graphic corkscrew and details. And the details are incredible!

This shot was simple to set up and take, and then more complex to edit.  To take the picture, I set up a pitcher of water on the kitchen counter, then dropped a corkscrew into it.  Why?  Just because I thought of it, no other reason.

Then for the editing:  a boost to the contrast, and then HDR Pro effect in PaintFX.  This setting will bring out the “grain” in an image, and can enhance detail on a micro level that is spectacular.  It’s not adding anything that wasn’t there, but many pixels that were not noticable now stand out.  Color is enhanced as well.

PaintFX, incidentally, costs $.99 at the App Store.  That’s not a lot of money for something that gives you such advanced enhancement capabilities.  I recommend trying it, for a buck you have nothing to lose except another excuse.

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