The very fabric of space and time

20120705-105136.jpg Just for the record, this was a lot of work.  Still not perfect but it’s the effect I was going for. (The fingernails are wrong, and the “5K” t-shirt can be read.)

As I posted a few weeks ago, I bought some fireworks (sparklers, really) because I needed an excuse to be taking pictures of the fireworks tent.  If you’re over the age of 8, sparklers aren’t much fun, so were used strictly for photographic subjects.  And it turns out that to get a picture of fireworks that is not totally hackneyed and pedestrian, you have to do some kind of sci-fi thing like above.

This was done with PaintFX’s HDRPro filter, set to have a radius of 0.  (It’s technical.  If you don’t do iPhoneography, don’t feel bad you don’t know what this is.)  Anyway, it created this thing that looked like a magic wand had opened up a tear in space-time.  Or else an electrified mouse.  Personally, I like the space-time warp better.

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