Mysterious Hal

20120709-092059.jpg Every now and then I go through my Camera Roll folder and delete a few hundred pictures.  While hitting “delete-ok-delete-ok-delete-ok” about 50 times, I suddenly noticed this pic and it took me a second to figure out what I was seeing.  It’s the bandstand where the Doc Branch Band was playing for a barn dance, a red light shining on fab guitar/vocalist Hal Mekeel, with a couple of dimly lit figures in the background.

I love how it is difficult to figure out at first what you are seeing, and also the silhouetted figure in the center.  I did no editing whatsoever to this, why would I need to? The happy accidents, such as this one, can initially get tossed into the “reject” pile, but there might be a sapphire amonst the garlic (if I might stretch a couple of metaphors to the breaking point).

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