Blurry Merle

20120908-103237.jpg Merle did not want me to share a picture of him which revealed his dirty little secret: he was helping me with the grocery shopping.  Here he is seen bagging the produce.

There is nothing more boring than standing around waiting for your order to be rung up, so I always use the bits and pieces of time to snap a few pictures.  (Of course I do this everywhere else I go too.)  It took but a few minutes to grunge the thing up until it resembled a chopped salad.

– the Daily Grunge

One thought on “Blurry Merle

  1. When I was younger, if you can imagine that, no one had to bag their own groceries. Now, if willing, you can do the check out by yourself, which I hate to do. So, I will get in line to let someone else scan the items. And, if lucky, there will be someone there to ask, “Paper or plastic?” But, all too often, no one’s there to ask. So, I had to learn to bag groceries as an adult. And, I’m pretty good at it, as you might expect. What gets me is that cashiers are being replaced by a self-check-out system, and grocery baggers are being replace by customers – in this case me! And, we just go along with it. And, then stop on the way home and pump our own gas. But, don’t get me going on that. (I just discovered this post on I better read it more often incase there are more pictures of me doing things I’d rather not do.)

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