Silt fences

20120927-154620.jpg I live in a new development where there are massive landscaping projects underway.  Huge groves of trees cut down and carted away, and then usually a hydrology nightmare left behind. Containment and drainage become a 6-month project as these areas are made ready for house sites.

To make sure the soil doesn’t all run off onto a road, the engineers put up plastic silt fences around wet areas.  As I walked by early one morning, the light on this row of fences was just beautiful.  It looked a little like a rice paddy, and 100% interesting to me.

At the bottom of the frame is a black fence which is almost transapent, so I cropped to include that.  I brought up the colors a little (I think it was PaintFX but could have been Jazz), and of course a crop.  Maybe a slight amount of contrast to bring out the geometry of the shot.

– the Daily Grunge

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