Faded gentility

20120917-175146.jpg A slight departure from my usual edited, grunged-up work. All I did was crop this shot of two chairs. Of course, they have a natural … patina, let’s call it, so really don’t require any effects to be added.

Merritt’s is a small gas station – cum – bacon restaurant. I of course do not partake, but was there for a gallery opening by my talented friend Diane Cashion, whose work can be seen at DianeCashionPhotography.com. As is only appropriate at a photographic event, I took lots of pictures of the atmospheric furnishings and guests. However it was truly sad that I did not get the camera up in time to get a shot of the owner telling three good old boys that in spite of the crowd, she was CLOSED, no BLTs. They had their shirts open, exposing bellies which really should not have been seeing the light of day, and the kind of scruffy, overgrown beard that screams “I DON’T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!!”.

So I will make do with the furnishings, the faded elegance, the crowd of onlookers, the almost unbearably interesting objects around this landmark sandwich joint.

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