Drum roll please

20121016-111924.jpg On a recent trip to a local mall, I was drawn to the sound of drumbeats.  Not war drums, thankfully, just a high school drum corp doing an exhibition.  Probably their enterprising band director is priming them for more important appearances.  They were entirely African American, wearing white t-shirts and dark jeans, with white drums.  Hmmm … always a challenge to get good exposure with strong whites and dark colors.  So in this case, I didn’t worry about details, I just wanted to get something graphical, with the repeating patterns of drums and bodies. Plus the shadows gave it some strong lines.

It was merely a question of pointing the iPhone at them, and waiting for something interesting to happen.  When they put their arms in the air and crossed their sticks, it looked like a decisive moment.  Click!

– the Daily Grunge

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