Honey I decimated the cat

I haven’t played with my fave app Decim8 lately, so took on the cat and went random until I came up with this. Only problem: this fabulous app is not yet fly compatible with ios7 so you can’t save images. Being a crafty individual, I took a screen shot which included the buttons on the bottom which I think makes it more interesting.



Means “elder brother”. One of the more social tigers at he Carolina tiger rescue, where I work. He’s not afraid of a crowd. The more people clustered together the better, because he likes to spray. Nothing like a good dowsing of tiger pee


Reeling in the years

Recently my community cut down some very old trees. To preserve the history represented by these natural artifacts, they were sliced into big wafers and installed as stepping “stones”. Each one is different and highly individual, and my hope is that over time they will age and crack and discolor into even more historically (and visually) interesting artifacts.


Zombie swag love

I recently was given a swag t shirt from a “run for your lives” zombie obstacle course race with this graphic on it. As I played around, I quickly learned that there is no way to make this look bad, I loved everything I could think of to do to this image. Jazz is of course a springboard for my imagination, as well as PhotoNoir.