Mid century

Same lobby nook as yesterday’s entry, shown here in its full gloriousness of neon colors and over-the-top, umm, furniture. I’m actually not sure what those roll-y things are, you can’t sit on them and they’re too big to spin like tops. Those mid-century modernians had a refined sense of waste. Probably the post-war boom. With all that new industry, and the explosion of factories and manufacturing, it became necessary to make up things that could be manufactured, and bought, and put into tract homes. A lot of the decor had that feel, and maybe that’s why it continues to linger: its promise of all things being possible, of leisure time, of suburbs where you can watch John Glenn splash down in his space capsule and think: look how far we’ve come. We look back on all that stuff as “camp”, or in the worst case, “kitsch”, but today’s world is so full of gloom and so little hope for the future, that there is something compelling about the unbridled optimism of the 50s and 60s.

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