Through the looking glass

I freakin’ love this picture. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, which was to take a face and make it fade until all you could really make out is the fact of the features. I’ve done this before, as fans of my work will remember. This time I found a new way to do it, with this transparent wash and a little crackle texture. Usually, I go with high contrast and blurring, and I still like that, but we must evolve. Nobody wants to see the same picture over and over again, for years. We all know artists (and writers), some of them very successful, who seem to just create the same work again. And again. Some of them make a lot of money with winning formulas, too. I don’t make very much money with my photography, whether the formula works or not, but I’m in it for the creative capital and how it makes me feel. That’s my motivation for wanting to keep the shark moving forward, lest it die and rot.

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