Busy afternoon

Not really. The “busy afternoon”. It was one of those days I would have paid someone $1000 to run through the room with a machete, just to snap me out of intense boredom. Sometimes I fall into a stupor, and I realize that boredom is one of the most insidious traps you can fall into. It is important to snap out of it, or pull yourself out of it bodily, which is how it feels to me, as though I have been epoxied to my chair, to my thoughts, to my ennui. I have enough self-awareness to know that when I get like this, it is most important not to play mind-deadening games on my phone, it’s one of the worst possible “cures” for boredom since it seals the top over my mental rut. So even as I picked up the phone (Danger! Danger!) I tapped on the camera and decided to try using “Glaze”, just because i hadn’t edited with that app for a while. About 45 minutes later, I realized that I was fully engaged with my editing, with working up other photos in my library, and definitely not bored. Problem solved.

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