Two of a kind

This the same “pair of pears” I posted the other day, this time with a Glaze edit to add this textured overlay. Fruit is great for still life work, should you be so inclined. I like to just FIND still lifes, not create them. I had put the pears on the window sill to soften up a little, without realizing it was a photo op. Really, you’d think I’d know by now, everything is a photo op. Literally. You can take a picture anywhere, of anything. If it’s boring, maybe you’re not trying. Of course, not every picture is going to evoke greatness, but that is really, truly no excuse for not working on editing. Because sometimes a simple crop is enough to turn a bad snapshot into a composition. Maybe not a masterpiece. But if you practice in this way, when you do get that money shot, you will have the editing skills and a developed eye.

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