Visual journal page, background

A day isn’t complete without some kind of journaling  sometimes, usually, I write for about a half hour when I first get up.  But my mind craves visual images, and I love to create, play with media, etc.

since I’ve started this major downsizing effort in my life, having an art studio with a slop sink, shelves of supplies, ventilation, etc is not a possibility.  Fortunately, I have discovered how to create paintings, journal pages, and photo collages with the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.  I can do a lot of what I was doing with art supplies, with the advantages of: no cleanup, an undo button, can do it anywhere, and I always have all my art journals with me.

This morning I created this background page, which I imported into Notability and wrote over with a white “pen”.  I can use the background again and create different text or just express something different.  976F1427-CB23-4BA3-993A-E8E8D792D94D

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