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I’m a software engineer by profession, working for a major international company on semantic data modeling tools for intelligence analysis.  I love my work, it’s usually a lot of fun and fully engaging, but I hunger for creative outlets.  In addition to photography, I paint, draw, am writing a novel, and training to get my private pilot’s license.

Photography is an exploration of the world, a new way of seeing the world around me, and of showing it to myself in new ways.  You can go through life never seeing anything, your eyes just gliding over and off of things that are either totally familiar, or so unfamiliar that your eye never latches on.  When you learn to look, and see, you begin to think. And when you THINK, you’re no longer just creating, you are revealing something to the world.

Express, don’t impress.

I can be contacted at shirley_braley@yahoo.com.  Thanks for reading!

Shirley Braley


3 thoughts on “About The Daily Grunge

  1. Great line about pixel perfect life. Luv the look and feel of your site and concur on your thoughts about photography. You are inspiring me to step beyond my comfort zone too. Stay tuned…

  2. Shirl……LOVE what you are doing with all the pent-up creativity energy that you possess.  I’m a FAN!  StumppyV…aka Jeff

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