Ice Ice Baby

So the weather here has been … wintery.  Winter-ish.  Sure it’s January, but this is North Carolina.  The south.  This past week, since New Year’s, it’s been like New England.  Anyway, the weather finally broke yesterday, it actually went above freezing.  And today it was in the 50s, so your intrepid blogger headed for the falls.  Mostly the water was flowing just fine, and there was plenty of it.  But around the edges, there was still ice, and little rills where the ice had flowed into interesting shapes.  For the first one, I’m doing something I never do, which is post a picture without any modifications whatsoever, not even a trim.  The second is trimmed, and I brought up the exposure and highlights, with a crop and border.IMG_3487


Blossoms in the mud

when I got out of the car at DuPont State Forest for my daily hike, I looked down and thought that someone had painted a fake carpet in the parking lot. Turned out to be patterns of ice in the frozen mud. Beautiful and intricate patterns of strangely fractal shapes. Nature is astonishing. And this pic is more beautiful than just another shot of the woods in winter, which must be experienced and not just photographed.