Another recent painting, which was intended as a background for an art journal page, but I kept it the way it was and never bothered with the art journal page.  I start out with the intention of having a painting “mean something”, but end up just liking it.  Meaning is whatever I’m feeling about it, I guess, and I can always use it at any point in the future.



IMG_0863Haven’t been doing a very good job with my “picture of the day” posts, but I do have an excuse: a couple of weeks ago, after months of meticulous planning, I pulled up sticks and moved to the mountains outside of Asheville, and moved into a brand new tiny house.  Needless to say, this absorbed a lot of my attention.  There wasn’t a lot of time for photography, but in between packing boxes, and at rest stops on the drive out, I was able to create a few paintings on my iPad, using ProCreate.  ProCreate deserves its own post here, but in an effort to show some kind of artistic progression, I’m just going to post a recent painting, which I’m pretty happy with.  It shows a lot of motion and turbulence, which is exactly what my life has felt like.


Photo of the day

So I’ve decided to post a photo a day. It can be of anything that happens to me during the day, not some random shot pulled from my archives (unless prowling in my photo archives was part of the substance of my day).  Today I was doing some volunteering at the Carolina Tiger Rescue, and took a few minutes to tear up newspaper for kinkajous.

Visual journal page, background

A day isn’t complete without some kind of journaling  sometimes, usually, I write for about a half hour when I first get up.  But my mind craves visual images, and I love to create, play with media, etc.

since I’ve started this major downsizing effort in my life, having an art studio with a slop sink, shelves of supplies, ventilation, etc is not a possibility.  Fortunately, I have discovered how to create paintings, journal pages, and photo collages with the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.  I can do a lot of what I was doing with art supplies, with the advantages of: no cleanup, an undo button, can do it anywhere, and I always have all my art journals with me.

This morning I created this background page, which I imported into Notability and wrote over with a white “pen”.  I can use the background again and create different text or just express something different.  976F1427-CB23-4BA3-993A-E8E8D792D94D